Are You Awake?

If you are one of those people that struggles in accepting the official line (or lie) of what this world is all about . . . If you get the feeling we are more than just a twist of fate in a skin and bone suit . . . And if you think we are being deliberately dumbed down by a ruling elite who are terrified of us remembering that we are pure genius and have the power to take our planet from prison to paradise . . . then you will flow with this book like a cork in a river.
It follows the characters lives from the blissful realms of the after life (pre incarnation) through their eventful journeys on the planet and back home again.

The main character Juan, fourteen years of age and holidaying in the mysterious mountains of Las Alpujarras, Southern Spain, has his safe and cosy existence torn to shreds by the chance meeting (if you believe in chance) of the mountain wizard Alfonso.
With great tenderness he explains how a hidden hand is controlling every aspect of our lives. Chem trails, vaccination scams, undisclosed cancer cures, suppression of the senses, mind control and plans to depopulate the planet are all presented to a devastated and bewildered child.
Will it prove too much for him? Or can he follow the simple truths and solutions offered by Alfonso and not only survive this critical period of time, but thrive and lead a revolution of mass awakening?
A roller coaster read and a universal handbook for truth seekers everywhere.